Wool Carpets

About Wool Carpet

Wool carpet is the premium fiber choice for your home. The wool fiber production process consists of The Natural Elements…Sun, Rain, Grass and Sheep. No artificial ingredients needed, no artificial ingredients added.

Premium Luxury Wool carpets have a natural, soft and luxurious feel.
The long lasting beauty and superior characteristics
of wool carpet will enhance your home for years to come.ew-carpet-construction


Wool shorn from sheep is completely natural.
It is composed entirely of amino acids, the building
blocks of life. In soil, wool readily biodegrades to
produce nitrogen, sulfur, carbon dioxide and water,
which are all plant nutrients.

Naturally Stain and Soil Resistant

Wool carpets clean better, making stain protection
unnecessary.  The wool fiber’s structure consists of
overlapping scales, arranged much like roof shingles.sheep
These scales inhibit dirt from adhering to the fiber
and help fleck it away.  Wool has significantly
better soil release than any other fiber.

Naturally Crush-Resistant

The wool fiber is naturally curly, and it has more
crush resistance than any other fiber. Wool carpet
fibers recover from crushing better than any other
carpet fibers.


Wool carpet’s natural properties help keep your homewool
cool in summer and warm in winter.


Godfrey Hirst is one of the largest wool carpet
manufacturers in the world, and provide an exceptional
selection of value priced wool carpets.


Environmentally sound, wool is produced from a totally
renewable resource – grass – that is shorn from Sheepwool on stairs
every 9 – 12 months.

Natural Flame Retardant

Wool carpets are naturally flame retardant because
of its high protein content. If ignited, wool only
burns weakly, limiting the spread of the flame.

Improves Air Quality

Wool carpet naturally improves the indoor air quality
of your home. It stabilizes relative humidity by absorbing
or releasing moisture during periods of high or low
atmospheric humidity. If well maintained, it absorbs
and neutralizes airborne particles and fumes.


Wool has been used in carpet for centuries.
Its unique natural properties have seen it stand
the test of time as the premier flooring fiber.